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As a Modesto moving company, we understand the importance of time, money, and organization in business. For that reason, Mid Cal Moving & Storage has worked hard to perfect commercial moving services that meet the exact needs of your company. In fact, we are a partner of Bekins, so you can rest assured that our commercial movers have all of the knowledge, skills, and resources to take on moves of any type, size, or distances thanks to our:

  • Office Moving
  • Commercial Storage
  • Business Relocations
  • Corporate Relocations

The Best Choice for Modesto Office Moving

Since we started our company, our Modesto office movers have performed thousands of successful relocations. As a result, we have learned the importance of offering customizable plans for small and large companies alike. Whether you need to move sensitive computer servers to a new location across town or a new office across the country, our local office movers have you covered. Those aren't the only advantages of choosing our professionals. We also help with many other aspects of your office relocation.

Planning Your Office Move

Your assigned move coordinator is here to help you and your employees plan every step of your relocation so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Modular Furniture Installation

From your desks to your storage cabinets, our office furniture movers can help you reconfigure and install all of your modular furniture.

Furniture Liquidation and Disposal Services

We can help you get rid of any furniture that you don't plan on taking to your new location.

Short-Term and Long-Term Storage Solutions

Mid Cal is more than just a commercial moving company. We also offer safe and secure storage options. You can work with our commercial storage coordinators to determine a long-term warehousing solution for your company, or our business movers can utilize our temporary storage solutions while you get your new location ready to receive your items.

Modesto Business Relocation

When you hire our Modesto movers to assist with your business relocation, you can rest assured that we have all of the know-how and equipment to get the job done effectively. We put an emphasis on minimizing your moving costs and downtime so that you can keep your business operations as normal as possible.

Corporate Relocation Service in Modesto

If you have to relocate individual employees, you don't want them stressing out over the move. To help them focus on doing their job, you can hire our corporate relocation professionals. We work with you and your employees to determine a moving plan that fits everyone's needs for a quick and simple relocation.

Find out More About Our Commercial Movers in Modesto

If you would like to take the first step towards planning your commercial relocation, we recommend that you pick up the phone and call Mid Cal today! You can speak with one of our professionals about your needs, or we can schedule an in-person consultation. To find out more about the cost of our services instead, you should take a moment to submit our simple online quote form.