Trust the professional Mid Cal local movers in Modesto when it comes to good eats, because you better believe we’re hungry at the end of a long and strenuous move. We work hard to deliver premier service to before, during and even after our customers settle down. So when people ask us, “Where should we get some grub after all that...” we know exactly what to say! For starters:

1. Go to the Firefly Grill

An old gem serving up tradition American food at completely reasonable prices! Get yourself a delicious steak burger with a pretzel bun and an egg on top (fries on the side, of course) or, to start, dig into the roasted brussel sprouts – another famous fan favorite.

2. Longbranch Grill

Another traditional American joint, the food here is prepared with love and attention – you can just tell when you get your plate that the chef really put a good deal of effort into making your meal excellent. And did we mention: kids meals are served on Frisbees that they can take home!

3. Pizza Man

It’s a classic scene: pizza on the hardwood floor, the box marked “kitchen” ripped open and raided, the boxes marked “living room” and “bed room” used as makeshift table tops. Perhaps there’s beer going around; perhaps wine is flowing; the kids might have some apple juice; the dog is munching on the crust. That’s kind of a nice picture. Order from the Pizza Man it for your family!

Need more suggestions (or maybe just some moving advice)? Call the Modesto movers of Mid Cal, we’ll make you have all your ducks in a row. We also give out free consultation and no-obligation quote! Give us a call today!