Planning your move can be stressful. Especially if you have a lot of furniture. But, what happens when you get all your furniture to your new home and it won’t fit? There are a few options you have when deciding how to best handle your new layout.

Kick it to the curb

You’ve probably seen this a time or two.  A lonely couch sitting by the side of the rode, waiting for someone to take it away. This method is simple, but still has some pros and cons to it. By setting it next to the road, you’re allowing anyone to take it, no questions asked, at their own volition. They’ll even take over figuring out how to cart it home. The downside is it can sit there. And sit there. Taking away from the view of your gorgeous new home.

Extra, extra! Couch for sale!

Another way to make room for your other furniture is by posting a classified ad in your local Modesto paper. There, you can outline in detail the furniture’s features and any imperfections. You can also list a price for a little extra cash in your pocket.

Give to those in need

If you aren’t looking to make any money off your old piece of furniture, donate it. Places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will arrange a pick-up at no cost to you. Call your Modesto locations to find out more about donating furniture.

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