Moving is a stressful time for everyone in your home. This stress isn’t limited to the humans living with you. Relocation can be extremely stressful for family pets. Just like with people, proper planning and preparation can help reduce the anxiety of moving on your pets.

Here are 10 tips when moving with pets to help both humans and animals have a stress-free move.

1. Create a First Night Box for your pet.
Make sure you are prepared for your pet’s first night in your new place with plenty of food, kitty litter, toys, blankets, and serving balls.

2. Set-up your new home as much as you can before you bring your pet.
Moving boxes are stressful to animals. When moving with pets make sure at least one room is set up with no boxes before moving your pet. Then restrict your pet to that room so they feel like they are at home and not in a moving environment.

3. Keep your pet in a quiet place.
Pets are sensitive to noise and change. On moving day, keep your pet in a quiet place where they will not see or hear boxes getting moved in and out by your Modesto mover.

4. Make sure your pet moves to your new home in your car.
Animals feel much more comfortable when they are transported in a vehicle they are familiar with.

5. Ensure your pet can’t escape and get lost.
Even the best behaved pets can be scared on moving day and attempt to escape once you arrive at your new home. Make sure you have them safely in your new home before opening their carrier to avoid them getting lost in their new neighborhood.

6.If moving fish, use old fish tank water to transport.
Fish are especially sensitive to moving to a new environment. To reduce the risk of the move being fatal, use water from their old tank when moving your fish a short distance.

7. Transport in a small, warm carrier.
Moving your pet in a smaller carrier that is warm will help keep them comfortable and make them feel the most safe.

8. Try to keep your pet’s routine as similar as possible.
For an easier transition, make sure you keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible. This will help them feel safe and also reduce the risk that they are accidentally let out of the new home.

9. Get necessary pet records in advance.
If your Stockton moving company is relocating you out of town, make sure you have the necessary paperwork for your new vet for an easy transition.

10. Update your pet’s tags and microchip.
If you pet is ever going to get lost, moving day is the most likely day. Make sure their tags and microchip are updated prior to moving day to ensure they will be returned if lost.

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